Maki Textile Shop

Maki Studio in a old farm house

Shop and Cafe

Inside the Shop

Things you will fined :

:::Hand-woven Textile items
       designed by Chiaki Maki:::

Stoles, Shawls, Garments, Clothes,
Yardage, Tapestries, Cussions,
Table wares, Interior fabric,
Small handmade items...

...using Tassar silk, Mulberry silk, Muga silk, Wool, Cotton, Linen, Lamy, Banana fibre....

50kms away from the central Tokyo.
Just take suburban trains and you will find Maki Textile Shop in a fresh green

open all-year-around (except year-end and New Year holidays)   11:00-17:00

704 Totohara, Akiruno-city
Tokyo, 190-0171 JAPAN

tel: +81-42-595-1534

How to get to Maki Textile Shop

Take JR Chuo Line from Central Tokyo heading for Tachikawa. (If you find a train for Ome, take it !)

Get off at Tachikawa Stn..
Take an Ome Line train heading for Ome.

Get off at Haijima Stn. (5 stations from Tachikawa)
Take an Itsukaichi Line train heading for Musashi-itsukaichi.
Get off at Musashi-itsukaichi, the last station.

Walk the main street to the west for 100 meters, and you will see Akigawa rever below.

Cross the Akiwaga bridge and walk further for 500 meters passing a lumber dealer and a car dealer, and in front of a elders' house(Akiruno care house), you will find a small path leading to Maki Studio & Shop on your left.

Or simply take a taxi from Musashi-itsukaichi stn. for only 2mins. drive to the Shop.

It will be one and half hours trip from Central Tokyo.

Inside the Shop
Path to the Shop