what is maki textile studio.....

In short, we create hand-woven textiles.

First, we travel towards the unknown world to look for the hand made materials and yarns.

The yarns are set in the hand looms in our studio to weave various samples.

The samples are taken to the workshops in India and hand-woven by our old weavers.

The products are sold in Maki Textile Studio Shop in Akiruno, Tokyo and other shops around Japan.

The studio is located in Akiruno, some fifty kilometres west of Tokyo.
Rich in nature with mountains, revers, forests and monkeys.

The studio itself is a reformed farm house of nearly 200 years old.
Although it is not open to public, once or twice a year the Open House will be taken place.
Chiaki Maki

Graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, USA.
Traveled around the world in search of the roots of textiles.
Set up Maki Textile Studio in 1990.
A textile designer but not interested in self-expression.
Loves to live the natural life and would be happy if a beautiful fabric is born out of it.

Kaori Maki@

Also a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, USA.
Chiaki's younger sister.
Loves textile creating and weaving.
Now runs her own studio in Yamanashi and helps her sister from time to time.

Parva Tanaka

Managing Director who's responsible for this page.
Good at everything but weaving.

Work Field
Maki Textile Studio is now deeply connected to India.

It started with a wild silk called tassar.
A couple of decades ago, Chiaki met this silk in India and was fascinated by it.

Since that time, the Makis have been visiting India three-four times a year to create hand woven textiles with their partner Ms Neeru Kumar.

And also for nearly twenty years, Chiaki has been working with Ms Akiko Ishigaki in Iriomote island, Okinawa, for the new development of the weaving and garments.
The symbol of Maki Textile Studio.
ćN is an old Chinese character meaning "silk". @We added another Ž… onto it. @As a result nobody knows how to read it. @ Chiaki's calligraphy work.

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